Asnani Steel Industries was established in Dubai, United Arab Emirates in 1997, however the Company's roots in steel and building materials trading dates back to the 1970's through its predecessor, Loyal Building Materials Company.
Trading to manufacturing
The founder of Asnani Steel Industries, Mr. P.T. Asnani has been established in Dubai, United Arab Emirates since 1960.
He started out as a trader of a variety of products, before narrowing down his focus to building materials in 1975, through the establishment of Loyal Building Materials Company LLC.
As the demand for building materials grew, P.T. Asnani ventured into manufacturing through the establishment of Asnani Steel Industries, which produces 40,000 metric tons of steel pipes, tubes and sheets annually.
Asnani Steel Industries commenced production at the Al Quoz industrial area in Dubai, United Arab Emirates in August 1997, once the Dubai municipality had approved the steel pipe manufacturing facility, and officially commissioned it.
Through the establishment of both, the trading company, Loyal Building Materials and the manufacturing subsidiary, Asnani Steel Industries, the Asnani group is well equipped to increase its value proposition to its customers.
Manufacturing growth
By December 2009, the manufacturing facility was relocated and set up at the Al Jazeera Industrial area in Ral Al Khaimah, in order to expand operations, which was inhibited by space constraints at the Al Quoz facility.