Business strategy
Asnani Steel Industries is increasingly focused on developing its reach across the Middle East.  While the company has a rich history in the Middle East region, the company has continued to operate from the United Arab Emirates.  In the next several years the company is reviewing the possibilities of establishing local offices or exclusive local agents, as well as manufacturing or warehousing facilities, in a variety of countries including Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Africa.
Asnani Steel Industries is also looking to expand its manufacturing portfolio to include more steel products.  Our trading history in a variety of steel structural products has given us an encouraging view of potential manufacturing opportunities.
Asnani Steel Industries maintains a regional focus and leverages on internal logistics and port infrastructure to most efficiently supply steel structural and building materials to the Middle East, North and Central Africa regions, and beyond.
Asnani Steel Industries is also continuously focused on initiatives to reduce costs for its customers.  Initiatives range from trimming corporate costs, improving machinery efficiency and reducing logistics and freight expenses.